101 Social Media Post Ideas

It's happened to everyone at one time or another. You're going along, working hard and feeling good, and then suddenly, you run out of ideas for your next social media post. Aaaargh! You're stuck.

Don't feel bad... It occurs (even) to the best of us. Try the following suggestions to give you a little inspiration.

  • Company

  • Team

  • Customer

  • Strategic Alliance or Partners

  • Products and Services

  • Articles and Publications

  • Sales and Promotions

  • Operations and Processes

  • Industry

  • Events and Activities

  • Giving Back


  1. Announcing the start of a new business

  2. Introducing a new website or a makeover of the existing one

  3. Company expansion

  4. Moving or relocating to a new location

  5. Opening new office(s)

  6. Hitting projected target and growth milestone - e.g. one million customer

  7. Rebranding your business

  8. Debuting your brand images or design

  9. Changing the company name

  10. Changing the company logo

  11. Changing ownership of the company

  12. Changing company classification

  13. Securing business funding or credit - e.g. VC or angel investment

  14. Taking your company public

  15. Filing or being awarded a patent

  16. Filing of a lawsuit

  17. Responding to being named in a litigation​

  18. Reorganizing company structure

  19. Merger and acquisition

  20. Stock offering

  21. Financial or earnings updates


22. Hiring a key employee

23. Appointing a new board member

24. Changes in personnel status - e.g. Transfer, Promotion, Retiring, Resignation, etc.

25. Give recognition to an employee for work well done - e.g. Team member of the month​

26. Career Planning, Employee Learning and Development programs


27. Inquiring your customer feedback, suggestions and stories

28. Recognizing your most loyal patron - e.g. Customer of the month

29. Signing a new client -- with the permission to publicize the news

Strategic Alliance or Partners

30. Forming new partnerships with other business or organizations

31. A joint venture

32. Co-branding and co-marketing

Products and Services

33. Launching new product

34. Product demo or tutorial

35. Specific application or use of your product

36. Renaming a product

37. Product updates/upgrades

38. New product functions and features

39. Future product releases

40. Online and offline customer support and services

Articles and Publications (Remember to Cross-Post)

41. Sharing your business story

42. Share your customer testimonials or stories

43. Share your employees' stories

44. Share your successful customer service stories

45. Distributing relevant and valuable content for the registered members - ebook, whitepaper, e-newsletter, how-to articles, tips sheet, feature story, etc.

46. Posting regular blog, vlog or podcast with helpful tips related to your business

47. Commentary on or tie-ins to trending posts - tweets, photos, webinar, podcast, periscope, etc.

48. Recap, repost, retweet a popular piece or message - follow-up posts

49. Update and republish a favored column

50. Behind the scenes look or walk through

51. Trends and predictions

52. Product comparisons

53. Debunking common myths

54. Responding to accusations against your company or industry

55. Visual branding identity - Infographics

56. Post a SlideShare presentation

57. Words of Appreciation - e.g. Thank you messages to your customers, fans, and employees

58. Recommendations - books, music, personality, etc.

59. Quotes - Humors, Inspiring or motivating quotes from leaders, innovators, builders, etc.

Sales and Promotions

60. Price changes

61. Advertising special promotions. exclusive offers, and giveaways

62. Free shipping offer or change to shipping rates

63. Holiday-related sales and events

64. Kickoff a Loyalty Rewards Program

65. Launching a referral rewards / affiliate program

66. Providing free consultations, free evaluations or free quotes

Operations and Processes

67. New improvement on technology

68. Develop better processes and procedures for your industry

69. Cross promote your other social media channels


70. Share industry related news or stories - new market studies, research, case study, surveys, data or polls

71. Give a shout out to someone noteworthy

Events and Activities

72. Anniversary

73. Receiving an award

74. Starting an online community by topic or brand

75. Setting a business or sales goal

76. Starting a forum

77. Holding an interactive Q&A session

78. Relationship building games or surveys - e.g. Q&As, polls, etc.

79. Encouraging your customers to collaborate with you on an endeavor by running a contest

80. Rewarding the key contributors for their ideas and input you implemented

81. Sneak peaks or previews - Broadcasting an appearance or upcoming company events

82. Company organized events - contest, sweepstakes or special promotion

83. A day in the life of (name or job) to show this is what a day in the life of an insider is like

84. Your latest achievement or success

85. Inspiration stories of overcoming minor and temporary setbacks or major challenges

86. An interview or speaking engagement - Speaking at a conference or event

​ 87. Making a media appearance

88. Exhibiting at a trade show

89. Hosting a webinar or give a seminar

90. Hosting a tour of your facilities

91. Receiving endorsements from a major celebrity or public figure

92. Themed day - Holidays and Observances around the World

Giving Back

93. Community outreach - Sponsor a team or an event

94. Support a good cause - Example, Cancer Research Institute

95. Volunteering for charity work - e.g. Feeding the homeless

96. Making a charitable donation

97. Organize a fundraising event

98. Providing pro bono work

99. Offering internship program with local schools

​ 100. Establishing an educational scholarship fund

101. Participate in the environmental sustainability efforts - e.g. Beach clean up

One more thing, don't forget to incorporate photos and illustrations. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Happy posting!

“... a good idea always attracts other good ideas.” ― Patrick Ness

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