12 Tips on Building a High Performance Team

Success in today's business environment requires teamwork instead of individual star performance. How a team thinks and acts impacts the team’s ability to collaborate, build trust and relationship, innovate, align, manage and deliver on commitments necessary to achieve the best results.

Here are 12 crucial steps to build a high performance team:

  1. Identify and recruit right-fit talents

  2. Orient both individuals and the team

  3. Create a vision, build alignment and commitment

  4. Create and form team members' roles and interdependencies

  5. Develop individual and shared team goals

  6. Define the team purpose to ensure clarity of task and alignment by all

  7. Establish coherent and cohesive team processes and standards

  8. Maintain a stable team framework and composition

  9. Ensure ongoing evaluation and development by monitoring progress and performance and then making adjustments accordingly

  10. Provide regular, constructive and progressive feedback

  11. Generate team-based incentive plans and programs

  12. Build a culture of continuous improvement and an atmosphere that fosters learning

Ultimately, the key for your team to achieve and maintain its peak performance will be based on trust -- the company, the leadership and each other. Trust is the foundation and the building blocks. It is then and only then, greatness may transpire.

"TEAM: T-Together, E - Everyone, A - Achieves, M - More." ~ Anonymous

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