Scrum Roles, Artifacts, and Ceremonies - at a glance

ROLES (There are three core roles in the scrum framework and they represent the Scrum Team)

  • Product Owner

  • Scrum Master

  • Team or Development Team

ARTIFACTS (A tangilble by-product produced during product development)

  • Product Backlog

  • Sprint Backlog

  • Product increment - Shippable

  • Impediment list (Dependencies or Blocker)


  • Sprint Planning

  • Sprint

  • Daily Scrum or Daily Standup

  • Sprint Review

  • Retrospective

  • Backlog Grooming or Backlog Refinement

  • Scrum of Scrums


  • Sprint velocity

  • Sprint burn down chart

  • Sprint burn up chart

  • Release burn down chart

  • Release burn up chart

"A great team has all these three – Relationships, Retrospectives, and Results.”-- Raja Bavani

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