Barriers and Challenges with Agile

Here are some potential hurdles of Agile Development:

  1. Align “Vision” with “Iterations”

  2. Maintain course with project goal and vision

  3. Initial project estimations - total effort, timescale and cost

  4. Complex dependencies

  5. Sustainability, maintainability and extensibility

  6. High-level rough requirements and scope

  7. Dubious project planning

  8. Lack of formalized structure

  9. Potential for scope creep

  10. Poor project quality due to scope creep

  11. Discard of design and documentation

  12. Less predictability

  13. Variability of cost and dates due to refactoring

  14. High degree of customer involvement

  15. High demand of user participation

  16. Large monitoring and control management effort

  17. Fragmentation of solution

  18. Potential variation of end result(s)

  19. Everything is TEAM

  20. Team consistent committment and dedication

  21. Require cross-skilled competent teams

  22. Communication skills

  23. Increased reliance on social skills

  24. Higher individual dependency

  25. Integrate new team members

  26. Co-location work environment

  27. Collaborate with non-agile business operations

  28. Ill-suited for fixed price projects

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