How to be a kick-ass Product Manager?

Want to leave mediocrity behind? Want to choose greatness instead be like everyone else in the PM world?

There are many ways to achieve greatness. The role of a Product Manager varies from company to company, and it is widely recognized that he or she can come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Generally speaking, a Product Manager plays an active role in designing the features and streams of work from end to end of the product lifecycle, the framework of measuring success, and the product structure.

A kick-ass Product Manager understands the importance of creating a vision of the future against which they can base their prioritization and product decisions. His or her commission goes beyond making decisions to whatever's "hot" at the moment.

Product Manager's essential skills:

  • Create a solid product strategy

  • Manage the entire product line life cycle from strategic planning to tactical activities

  • Develop and manage the product roadmap based on market trajectories, value propositions, and engineering constraints

  • Specify market requirements for current and future products by conducting market research

  • Able to communicate with all areas of the company

  • Highly organized and detail-oriented

  • Able to handle multiple tasks with competing priorities simultaneously

In addition to those attributes, a kick-ass product manager also possesses these special abilities:

  • Innovate without bias

  • A knack for creating simple and usable product(s)

  • A razor-sharp focus on the "real" priorities

  • Think like an user when designing new features

  • Communicate with clarity, impact and influence

  • Ability to handle stress and pressure with ease

All and all, a Product Manager's highest priority is to deliver business value to the customer through the best fastest possible solution.

Some classic PM quotes:

  • Let's WOW the customer!

  • Can we look at it from the client/customer/buyer/...prospective?

  • You had me confused with a "Project Manager".

  • Where is it on the Roadmap? I am really lost.

  • I LOVE this feature, but... we have more important priorities...

  • It'll be part of the next release.

  • According to the latest marketing trends,...

  • How many customers have complained about this?

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