How to get more customers (and keep them)?

Customers are people, just like you and me. So ask yourself this question: "What do I want as a customer?"

Here are some top answers:

  1. Right solution to meet a want or need

  2. Value for money, price, cost, and competitiveness

  3. Customer service

  4. Quality and Reliability

  5. Ease of doing business

  6. Speed

With those things in mind, let's look at these ideas that can help you attract more customers:

  • Present new or better products or services

  • Create a buzz (buzz marketing)

  • Implement inbound marketing strategies

  • Offer incentives and discounts to spark awareness and capture buyer's attention

  • Leverage your existing customer relationships

  • Develop partnerships and referral programs

  • Oh, don't forget the social media

Five simple tips to gain customer loyalty:

  • Connect with your customer

  • Provide a personalized experience in every interaction or transaction

  • Exceed your customers' expectations

  • Deliver value that exceeds your competitors

  • Continuous improve your products, services, customer support, etc.

Clearly, the goal is to make it easy for an onlooker to become your customer. The way to do that is to present the right solutions, remove purchasing fears, remove obstacles, and deliver what you promised.

"A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all." -- Michael LeBoeuf

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