Top 20 eCommerce Blunders to Avoid

"Build it and they will come..." This is an adage many of us have heard before, but in reality, it is not a viable (or even rational) business strategy.

Aside from having a dazzling landing page that captures online shoppers' attention, you need more than fancy bells and whistles to find new customers and drive sales growth.

That being said, check out these pitfalls and make sure you avoid them:

  1. Assume your product will sell itself

  2. Lack of a clear strategic direction

  3. Lack of brand identity - Who are you, really?

  4. Poor product presentation

  5. Wait for customers to come find you...

  6. Misjudge the market potential

  7. Having too much and too little inventory

  8. Inadequate internal processes or system infrastructure that could cause performance issues

  9. Inadequate capital investment for your eCommerce store

  10. Clumsy site navigation - Where is the BUY button???

  11. Lack of payment options

  12. Lack of incentives

  13. Discount too heavily - The flip side of offering too much discount as a purchase incentive

  14. Spend too much on marketing

  15. Poor digital marketing campaigns

  16. Greater than 2 second page speed

  17. Fail to create a "personal" relationship with your customer

  18. Neglect your existing customers

  19. Lack of security and credibility

  20. Try to start big rather than grow it

"We see our customers as invited guests to a party and we are the hosts." - Jeff Bezos, Founder of

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