12 Steps to Recovery from a Project Failure

Even with the best team and strategy, a misstep at any point can derail the entire project.

Rescuing a project that's failing is no easy task for a project manager, so here are 12 steps that a project manager can take to recover from an unsuccessful effort or at least minimize the negative impact:

  1. Stay calm

  2. Acknowledge the failure

  3. Divorce the emotional investments

  4. Accept responsibility

  5. Recharge, Regroup and Refocus

  6. Review and re-evaluate the overall project health -- in case there's a chance of recovering the troubled project

  7. Prepare to administer "Plan B" project contingency plan

  8. Begin project close-out processes and procedures

  9. Salvage any valuable components or useful assets to reduce the retrospective cost

  10. Conduct a root cause analysis and get feedback from your team and your customers

  11. Conduct post project (postmortem) review to learn from the failures

  12. Letting go the past and move on

Undoubtedly, project managers need to be realistic about their capabilities and the likelihood of failure, and not be so quick to beat themselves up over the occasional setback.

"To err is human, to forgive, divine." - Alexander Pope


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