20 Ways to be Your Customers' Best Friend

The idea of treating your customers like you treat your friends is nothing new. The benefits are many, such as, increasing engagement, improving customer retention, strengthening customer loyalty, etc.

Here are twenty friendship principles in making your customers your friends and vise versa:

  1. Know Yourself - Recognize the strengths, weaknesses, benefits and limitations of your business, products and services.

  2. Know Your Customer - Take a genuine interest in your customers in terms of who they are, their needs and wants, etc.

  3. Put Yourself in Your Customer's Shoes - Become or think like your customer.

  4. Go the Extra Mile when they ask for help.

  5. Be Reliable and Dependable - Your customers should always feel like they can count on you. Always be there!

  6. Communicate Frequently - Keep in touch and make sure you don’t drift apart.

  7. Engage your Customers - Make all customer conversations Two-Way

  8. Be a good Listener- Actively listen to what your customer is saying and take notes on both positive and negative feedback.

  9. Be Trustworthy - Keep your promises and acknowledge it when you don’t.

  10. Be Open and Honest - Don’t be afraid to tell your customer the truth, no matter how difficult it may be.

  11. Show your Appreciation and Gratitude - In both good and bad times.

  12. Let go of any Preconceived Expectations - Accept your customer as who he or she is, as an individual, without conditions.

  13. Understand and Respect Boundaries - Provide your customer the space, safety and choices they need.

  14. Continuous self-improvement - Always striving to improve your products and services to better serve your customers.

  15. Provide helpful advice - Provide useful information through your communication channels.

  16. Have genuine Concerns and Empathy toward your customers.

  17. Celebrate the wins and be there to support the losses.

  18. Know when and how to apologize when you've disappointed them.

  19. Don't forget the personal touch - Follow up with a real person, whether you’re writing an email, communicating on social media, or calling on the phone with your customer.

  20. Invest in a Long-Term relationship with your customer!

When you care about your customers enough to be attentive to their needs, keep your word, and solve their problems, you can turn patrons into friends in an enduring way that goes well beyond one-time sales transactions.

"Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. " - Damon Richards

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