The Ultimate eCommerce - Product Page

The Ultimate eCommerce - Part I

Product Page

The perfect product page should speak to your prospects and move them to click the "Buy" button.

Here are some of the crucial ingredients to make a captivating product page:

  1. Include an optimized product title

  2. Beautiful product images with zoom-in functionality

  3. Multiple product images and angles (360 degree views)

  4. Videos to display how the product works

  5. A prominent Add to Bag or Add to Cart button on every product page

  6. Selling points, like free shipping or a clock with a discount if they buy now

  7. A field to change purchase quantities

  8. A creative description that relates to the product uses

  9. Item information and specs

  10. Use professional-grade pictures and videos

  11. A banner that states if a product is sold out

  12. An area to sign up for notifications when a product becomes available

  13. Make sure the product pages load up just as fast as your homepage

  14. Explain unique features and what makes your product stand out from competitors

  15. Customer reviews and ratings for each ecommerce product

  16. Calls to action message

  17. Pricing information with potential sales or discounts

  18. The availability of each product to show scarcity and push people to buy

  19. Shipping and tax calculations on the product pages

  20. Materials used, dimensions, colors, weight, washing instructions

  21. Available sizes and a sizing guide if needed

  22. A comments section so people can discuss the ecommerce product

  23. A sorting and filter option for customer reviews

  24. A currency converter if needed

  25. Related product links to upsell

  26. A live chat option that shows the support team what the customer is looking at

  27. The product codes for people who might use this for reference later

  28. An Add to Wish List button on each product page

  29. e-Gifting option

  30. Stats on each product such as shares, views, sales and people who placed it on their Wish List

  31. Relevent social share buttons for each eCommerce product such Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

  32. Deals for people who purchase multiple related items together

  33. Include keywords on each eCommerce product page to improve search engine rankings

  34. Lastly, try to minimize clutter so the purchase process doesn’t look intimidating

"Think big and don't listen to people who tell you it can't be done. Life's too short to think small." -- Tim Ferriss

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