The Ultimate eCommerce - Website Footer

Moving right along with The ultimate eCommerce series, this post is dedicated to a fundamental but often underappreciated website element -- Web Page Footer.

Just because a footer is located at the bottom of the page doesn't mean it is nonessential. Your website footer can deliver more than just a placeholder for copyright notices. In fact, it should be treated as a top-tier real estate that is capable of providing important information and navigation options to your site visitors.

Without further ado, here is a list of strategic links to include in your website footer:

  1. Social icons

  2. Mobile app

  3. Email signup

  4. About us

  5. Contact Information - Email and Phone numbers

  6. Site search tool

  7. Customer Login

  8. Shopping cart

  9. Order status

  10. Shipping

  11. Returns

  12. Payment accepted

  13. Business or Store Address

  14. Direction or Link to Map

  15. Affiliates

  16. Wholesale

  17. Gift card purchase

  18. Refer a friend

  19. Sweepstakes rules

  20. Special events

  21. Giving back

  22. News and Press release

  23. Blog

  24. Mini image gallery

  25. FAQ

  26. Copyright

  27. Careers

  28. Sitemap

  29. Privacy Policy

  30. Terms of Use

Of course, you do not need to include every item listed above. Remember to keep a clean, concise and relevant footer to complete your picture-perfect website look!

"A footer is not just an appendage. It can be a superstar."

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