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TED Talks: On laughter | Anthony McCarten | TEDxMünchen (Published on Jan 13, 2015)

Top Ten Takeaways:

  1. Those who lose the power to laugh, you lose the power to think. - Clarence Darrow, The American Civil Right Activist

  2. The smartest people I (Anthony McCarten) know in the world are the funniest. The smarter they are, the funnier.

  3. Seriousness is not the correct response to the absurdity of life. The human comedy that would create beings, such as we, who are sophisticated enough to ask the huge questions, "Why are we here?", "Who are we?", but be really forever denied an answer and left in a state of existential tension which we seek to relieve in various ways, and one of these, the most effective is laughter.

  4. Seriousness is dangerous. Not just for ourselves, but also in society! It's partly that seriousness, the forces of seriousness, of humorlessness, would limit us to narrow thinking, rigid ideology, cruelty and a tunnel vision.

  5. Whereas humor obliges us to have an open mind. It obliges empathy and forgiveness. Humor always forgives. Laughter, the husband of truth, the arch enemy of dogma, transmuting the dross of existence into gold.

  6. Winston Churchill, once said, "You cannot hope to understand the most serious things in life, unless you understand the most humorous."

  7. To understand a joke, you have to belong to the parish - the community of understanding, and if you feel you belong to that community of understanding of getting the joke, then you will laugh at almost anything that reinforces your sense of belonging to that group.

  8. A joke is as priceless as a painting by Monet or a sonnet by Shakespeare.

  9. Jokes connect us, they embrace us. If we can laugh together, then we can live together. It is not a trivial thing. When you make someone else laugh, you are inducers of hope, embracers of strangers, eradicators of hopelessness. You are physicians, and peacemakers.

  10. Stay Funny and Keep Laughing!

"He who laughs, lasts!" ~ Mary Pettibone Poole

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