8 Hacks to Beat the Website Annoyances

In my previous post, I listed Top 20 Website Annoyances. Here are 8 tips on how to work around, cope with, ignore or fix some of those pesky nuisances:

Annoyance #1 & #2 - Pop ups

Google Chrome

  1. On your computer, open Chrome.

  2. At the top right, click the icon you see: Menu or More .

  3. Click Settings.

  4. At the bottom, click Show advanced settings.

  5. Under "Privacy," click Content settings.

  6. Under "Pop-ups," select an option: Do not allow any site to show pop-ups (recommended)

​iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch Device (Source: Stop pop up ads in Safari)

  • If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch has iOS 9.3 or later:

  1. If the pop-up won't close or reappears, you can tap in the Smart Search field and enter a new URL or search term.

  2. Or just close the tab: Tap double square box icon and then tap X on that tab.

  • If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch has an earlier version of iOS:

  1. If you see a Block Alerts button after you dismiss a pop up multiple times, tap the button to stop showing alerts from that webpage.

  2. If you can't close a pop-up, force Safari to close. To prevent Safari from automatically reopening any windows, go to Settings > Safari, then tap Clear History and Website Data. (This also removes your browser history and cookies.)

​Android Device (Source: How to block ads on Android)

  • Block Ads in your Browser Using your Browser Settings (Your Android browser already has a built-in pop up blocker!)

  1. Open your browser.

  2. Tap the three dots menu icon in the top right corner of your screen and tap settings.

  3. Tap Advanced from the menu that appears.

  4. Look for the Block pop-ups setting and make sure it’s enabled

After enabling this setting, your smartphone should never display another pop-up advertisement again.

  • Block Pop-Up Ads on Chrome (Chrome has a similar settings menu you can use to disable pop up ads forever.)

  1. Open Chrome and tap the three dots menu in the top right hand corner.

  2. Scroll down to Settings and tap it.

  3. Scroll down to and tap on Site settings and then Pop-ups. Tap that option.

By default, pop-ups are blocked on Chrome for Android. However, sometimes you may have changed settings inadvertently or a third party app may have edited your settings. If it says pop-ups are allowed, move the slider to change this option to Pop-ups Block.

Annoyance #3 - Autoplay videos

Google Chrome

  1. Click the menu icon on the upper-right corner and select Settings.

  2. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Show advanced settings link.

  3. Scroll down further until you find the Privacy section. Click the Content settings button.

  4. In the resulting Content Settings dialog box, scroll down to the Plug-ins section. Select Click to play, then click the Done button in the lower-right corner.​

From then on, a Flash window will appear as a gray box with a jigsaw piece icon in the center. If you want to watch the video, click in that box.

​iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Android Device

  • Disable Auto-Play Videos on Mobile Devices (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube) -http://www.groovypost.com/howto/disable-auto-play-videos-mobile-phones-save-data/

Annoyance #5 - Slow website performance

  • Increase computer speed - speed up Windows PC (XP,7,8,8.1) - http://www.whatvwant.com/increase-computer-speed-up-windows-pc/

  • Improving Website Performance - https://www.liquidweb.com/anchor/need-know-improve-website-performance/

Annoyance #6 - Animations

Google Chrome

  • How to Stop Animated GIFs From Playing in Your Web Browser - http://www.howtogeek.com/257408/how-to-stop-animated-gifs-from-playing-in-your-web-browser/

​iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch Device

  • Trick your iphone into disabling animations - https://www.cnet.com/how-to/trick-your-iphone-into-disabling-animations-so-apps-launch-faster/

​Android Device

  • Speed up your Android by adjusting animation settings -- https://www.cnet.com/how-to/speed-up-your-android-by-adjusting-animation-settings/

Annoyance #9 & #10 - Font Size

Google Chrome

  • Set page or font size for all webpages

  1. On your computer, open Chrome.

  2. At the top right, click Menu Settings.

  3. At the bottom, click Show advanced settings.

  4. Under "Web Content," make the changes you want: Change everything: Next to "Page zoom," click the Down arrow . Then select the zoom option you want.

  • Zoom in or out on your current page (Use the zoom options to make everything on a webpage larger or smaller).

  1. On your computer, open Chrome.

  2. At the top right, click Menu .

  3. Next to "Zoom," choose the zoom options you want:

  • Make everything larger: Click Zoom in.

  • Make everything smaller: Click Zoom out.

  • Use full-screen mode: Click Full screen.

​iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch Device

  1. In iOS 8 & 9, go to Settings > Display and Brightness > Text Size.

  2. In iOS 7, go to Settings > General > Text Size.

  3. Drag the slider to make the font bigger or smaller.

(You'll see this font size in apps that support Dynamic Type for your version of iOS.)

​Android Device

  1. Tap the app drawer icon from the home screen.

  2. From the displayed list, tap the Settings icon.

  3. From the Settings window, in the left pane, tap the Display option.

  4. From the right pane, under the Font section, tap the Font size option.

Annoyance #14 - Multi-page articles or slideshows

  • Banish Multi-Page Articles & Slideshows Forever - http://digiwonk.wonderhowto.com/how-to/banish-multi-page-articles-slideshows-forever-0158094/

The reality is, you cannot zap every annoyance away from your life. In some cases, the best approach is simply to accept it.

“Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.” ~ Joe Sparano

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