22 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Project

Before you take on any type of project, it is important to "know" your project. Due to the aggressive project schedules, you may feel the pressure to jump in and start working immediately, but you can ensure project success by asking questions about people, process, organizational politics, and risks first.

Here are 22 key questions to help you get your project off to the right start!


1. Why is the organization investing in the project?

2. Why have I been asked to manage the project?


3. What is the goal of the project?

4. What are the objectives and outcomes of the project? 5. What issue, problem or opportunity is the project addressing?

6. What resources have been allocated to the project? 7. What is the budget for the project?

8. What assumptions do you need to test? 9. What are the risks involved in the project?

10. What do you expect of me as a project manager for this project?


11. How are we going to measure success? 12. How will the situation be different when the project is successfully completed?

13. How was the budget created? 14. How was the project plan created (or the timescale for the project determined)?15. How will changes to the project be reported and approved?


16. When does the project start? 17. When is the planned finish date?

18. When are the milestones and deliverables due?


19. Where are the resources for the project? 20. Where are the project team(s) located?


21. Who is the sponsor of the project? 22. Who is on the project team?

“If you do not ask the right questions, you do not get the right answers. A question asked in the right way often points to its own answer.” ~ Edward Hodnett

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