eCommerce Bells and Whistles - Part I

While the perceivable path of any sales is to offer customers a seamless shopping experience across multiple channels, but ultimately you want to turn all the visitors into customers.

Here are some additional features that can take your shopping site to the next level, create a more personalized shopping experience for your customers, and increase sales productivity:

  • Saved Shopping Cart: In addition to the common features of Shopping Carts, all the items added to the customer's Shopping Cart should be available from any compatible web browser or mobile app that has been signed in to the customer's account. (Note: When a customer placed an available item in the shopping cart doesn't reserve the product be default. Available inventory is only assigned to the customer's order after the customer click the Place the Order button).

  • Shopping List: This is a personal record that serves as a reminder of things a customer wants to purchase.

  • Favorites or Saved for Later: This feature allows the registered members on your site to compile a list of their favorite items from your catalog. It could be as simple as checking a box that says "Add this product to My Favorites," "Saved for Later," or it could be an automatic process that remembers the products they buy most frequently and compiles the list as they go.

  • Wish List (Private or Public) : This feature can allow your shoppers to not only create a list of products they'd like to get, but also gives their friends, family and other loved ones access to the list. It can also e-mail their favorite gift-givers with hints on what to buy them on the next gift-giving occasion. A public wish List is a list that is accessible by friends and family (made possible by their Friends and Family Gifting concept). It allows people to buy you gifts, but should not reveal anything but the list of items you want.

  • Custom Wish List: This feature allows a registered member to create a specific list profile and add items to your list to keep track of the items he or she is eyeing. Sites like Amazon allow their customers to set up as many lists as conceivable.

  • Gift Organizer: Keep track of gift ideas for friends and family with Gift Idea Lists. Whenever a customer find an item that would make a good gift, he or she can "Add to Wish List" and it will prompt the customer to create a new Gift Idea List for someone or add to one he or she has already started. Besides keeping track of all the gift ideas year-round, Gift Idea Lists also allow the customer to keep track of past gifts and see related gift suggestions.

  • Purchase History: A full history of all previous orders placed by online through website or mobile app. Customers can access order details for any past purchases. Also, they can search for Order History for a particular item by entering the item number or name in search field.

  • Pre-order: A pre-order allows a customer to place an order for an item which has not yet been made commercially available. Typically, a credit card is required for pre-order, but the card will not be charged until the order is shipped (or the product is made available for download).

  • Out of Stock Notification: Out of Stock Notification module lets your shoppers receive product out of stock alerts and back in stock emails.

Sometimes, it's the little things that make a big difference.

"If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful." -Jeff Bezos

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