High-level Software Development Terms

High-level software development terms at a glance:

  • Approach: An approach is the overall style or idea that one adopts to overcome a problem. Approach remains at the level of an idea and does not involve steps that are time tested or proven.

  • Framework: A basic structure underlying a system, concept or text.

  • Guideline: Recommended practices that allows some discretion in its interpretation and implementation.

  • Method: A process or set of procedures, activities, and a series of outputs along the way.

  • Methodology: A system of methods, tools and processes to be followed. Methodology refers to procedures that have been tested time and again and proven to help overcome problems.

  • Model: A sequence of phases for the entire lifetime of a development project.

  • Process: A well-defined set of steps and decisions points for executing a specific task. A process can be a component of a methodology.

  • Standards: Set of norms or rules considered as good practices and agreed upon.

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