The Ultimate eCommerce - Landing Page

This is the third installment of The ultimate eCommerce series. The intent of these articles is to provide a clear and concise account of the essential elements for a successful eCommerce website.

Landing Page

  1. A highly visible business or brand name

  2. An unique logo

  3. Search box - The search box should be located on every page of your website. It should also be located in the same place on every page for consistency.

  4. Tabs for each product category - assuming your have more than one type of products

  5. Promotional graphics and links on the homepage

  6. Customer sign in link

  7. Email signup link

  8. Links to the most popular products

  9. Display any specials, promotions or free shipping options

  10. Calls to action to drive people to important sales pages

  11. Links to recent purchases and popular products

  12. An area to search for popular brands

  13. A store finder if it is applicable

  14. Customer service link

  15. Live chat

  16. Relevant social media links such Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

  17. Language translation options and the ability to choose a specific language to translate to

  18. Ensure your homepage perform seamlessly on all popular browsers and mobile devices

19. And last but not least, the lightbox popup - I must admit that I have mixed feelings regarding this feature. Businesses have reported more emails being captured from their visitors, but I find it annoying. So use it at your own discretion.

" Remember - Every "mistake" a user makes is not because they're stupid, but because your website sucks." ~ Peep Laja, Founder of ConversionXL

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