Top 20 Website Annoyances (Clickbait sites excluded)

We've all been there... You clicked on a link, and right before the website was fully loaded, a popup form leaped in front of the page!

It asked you for your email address, so you might receive its latest news, updates, ebook, coupons, discounts, special gifts, etc. As much as saving a 10% on your online purchase sounded like a good offer, but you still found the diversion awfully annoying.

Here are the top 20 irritants to avoid for your website-- unless you aim to drive the site visitors away... FAST!

  1. Pop-up windows on entry

  2. Pop-up form that forces user to sign up in order to View/Access the site

  3. Auto-play videos, sound files, any blinking and flashing paid advertisements

  4. Pages without navigation back to the original source

  5. Slow loading times

  6. Disorienting animations

  7. Flash splash pages, Flash sliders or any type of Flash -- Note: Flash does not work on mobile devices such as iPhone/iPad

  8. Cluttered content

  9. Tiny little fonts

  10. Giant fonts

  11. Ads, ads everywhere

  12. Excessive graphics and illustrations

  13. All text -- the opposite of number 12!

  14. Articles or slides broken into multiple pages - How many "Next" do I need to keep hitting to get the end?

  15. Infinite scrolling page

  16. Confusing call to action

  17. Outdated website design

  18. Broken links

  19. Lengthy sign-up process

  20. Lack of contact information or search capability

“Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.” ~ Neville Brody

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